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Using Google’s New Technology, Our New Mobile Marketing Broadcasters
And Our Exclusive, New Mobile Marketing Broadcasting Services. 


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* Android is 60% of N. American smartphone market. To receive messages, phone needs Bluetooth on.

1. We provide you an exclusive tiny wireless Mobile Marketing Broadcaster to demonstrate how our Mobile Marketing Broadcasting Services work.

2. We help you decide on and test your 40-character promotional messages, clickable links, then help you determine where and when you want your promotional messages broadcast in our
Mobile Marketing Broadcast Networks in high-traffic consumer locations.

3. Our
Mobile Marketing Broadcasters automatically send your promotional messages to Android smartphones* to get more business coming to you fast.

IMAGINE: There are millions of consumers with smartphones passing by stores, malls, supermarkets, stadiums, convenience store, airports, convention centers, and hospitals.

HERE’S WHAT WE DO FOR YOU: Just imagine our professional team of marketers helping you create and test new “results-proven”, consumer-friendly promotional messages and clickable links.

We will then instantly broadcast them to nearby
Android smartphones* via our new game-changing, strategically-placed Mobile Marketing Broadcasters.

THE BOTTOM LINE:  Our Worldwide Media Corporation marketers will help create, test, and deliver consumer-friendly promotional messages and links to develop results-proven interactive connections on Android mobile devices and get you more business fast. 

HERE’S WHAT TO DO NEXT:  For a demo of how we will work for you:
A. Fill in our easy questionnaire (4 questions) and 3 sets of 40-character promotional messages and clickable links that you want to test. (BELOW)      

(If you’d like, Laura Waller (800.717.4183 Ext. 300) will arrange a convenient call to help you create your 40-character promotional messages and links.)

B. We will test to determine the best response to your 3 sets of messages. 
We will then enter your best message in our central control system.
We will then help you determine where and when to deliver your promotional messages and clickable links in our
Mobile Marketing Broadcast Network of Mobile Marketing Broadcasters in high-traffic consumer locations and broadcast your messages and links to Android smartphones*.

Here's the questionnaire below.
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