Question #1.Background Information. We’re able to fabricate just about any object, logo, product (the Coors beer can, Wayne Gretzky wine bottle below) and fly them to grab everyone's attention.

Question #1.What types of objects would you like to see us flying for your clients that will best grab everyone’s attention, create an interest in and desire to engage with your client's
calls to action?

Thank you for helping us in our Marketing Effectiveness "Sneak Peek" Survey. As soon as we compile the results we will let you know.

Here's what to do next.

Get your copy of our Media Kit, Space Reservations Form and White Paper below.

Question #2. Background information.We're planning to provide streaming video from two (2) high definition video cameras on each of the 121 Affordable Advertising Airship and Aerial Extravaganza Teams in the top 67 cities to capture all of the action (one camera capturing action from the air, one from the ground).

Question #2. How would you use our streaming and archived video content to further the reach of your client’s marketing message?  As part of an online streaming video campaign, as part of consumer contests, as part of consumer give-aways, as part of retail promotions, as part of online promotions, and, or as part of other results opportunities? Please describe in detail.  

Marketing Effectiveness Testing

"Sneak Peek" Preview Survey (Confidential)

Question #4.Background information.As seen in our "sneak peek" video, our aerial campaigns and streaming video will be utilized in multiple ways to get you the results you desperately want and need in today's cluttered traditional ad mediums markets.   

Question #4.If you implemented a strategic plan to integrate our highly-effective, highly-responsive, cost-effective new ad mediums with your current mix of ad mediums, what would you do and how would you integrate our new ad mediums with your current mix to get better results than you're getting now?

​​Finally, Question #5.At the end of the day, it's all about helping you get better results. So, in order for us to best understand your current situation and to best help you achieve your goals and objectives, what questions could we have asked that we didn't ask here and how would you go about addressing how we can best help you achieve your goals and objectives?

Get a copy our Media Kit and Space Reservations Form - Affordable Advertising Airships and Aerial Extravaganzas Media Kit and Space Reservations Form. Call Client Services Group at 800-717-4183 Ext. 100

Get your copy of our White Paper/Case Study "Why Aerial Advertising? Can Advertising With An Airship (blimp) Be As Effective As Traditional Forms Of Advertising? researched and authored by Worldwide Media Corporation's Founder, CEO Ron Schmidt and Staff.

Welcome and Congratulations!

You’re now part of a special group of agency executives we selected for a "sneak peek" preview of our new, exclusive “results-proven” Affordable Advertising Airships and Aerial Extravaganzas Ad Mediums Nationwide Fleet Launch that will grab every eyeball, cut through the traditional media’s clutter, effectively deliver your client’s marketing message and get you and your clients the increased results you want and need.

We'd like your help in determining those ideas you would most like to see us implement as part of our strategically-placed aerial marketing campaigns to grab attention, stimulate consumer interest, create desire and engage consumers to take action via your client's marketing messages and calls to action.  

Below are the five (5) survey questions we'd like you to help with. Please be sure to fill in your name, E-mail address and type a response in both the Subject Box and Message Box as it relates to each survey question.

When you're finished answering each question, simply push the Submit Button under each question's response form to register each answer. 

Please note that any information you provide us will be kept confidential. We won’t share it with anyone, so feel free to give us your best input. Once we've collected your responses, we'll review them with you.

Questions or comments, call our Client Support Group at 800-717-4183 Ext. 100 and she will get back to you right quick. Thanks again for helping out.


Questions or comments, call our Client Support Group at 800-717-4183 Ext. 100 and we will get back to you right quick. Thanks again for helping out.

Question #3.Background information.Each of our 121 Affordable Advertising Airships and Aerial Extravaganza Teams will be permanently stationed in North America's top 67 cities and travel to pre-determined high-traffic consumer venues to fly each day.

Question #3.Which high-traffic consumer venues below do you think would be best for your clients to attract your client's select target audience and why? Type all that apply in the Message Box.

Conventions        Sporting Events           Malls          Concerts         Retail Stores       Drive-Time Traffic        Other

Download your MS Word copy of this Affordable Advertising Airships and Aerial Extravaganzas Marketing Effectiveness Survey Here to fill in your info and submit it via E-mail. Instructions are in the Survey.